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News: Mobile License Plate Reader Improves Law Enforcement Efficiency

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A mobile license plate reading system that the Salisbury Township (Pa.) Police Department implemented last year has generated “incredible law enforcement dividends and helped make driving safer for those who travel Salisbury Township roads and highways.”

An article in The Salisbury Press highlighted how the mobile ALPR technology helps officers  enforce traffic laws, apprehend fugitives and operate more efficiently.

“In just the first 10 months after the system was put into service in February 2016, we stopped, cited and impounded 210 vehicles just for no insurance,” Cpl. Bryan Losagio told The Salisbury Press. “That is more than we cited in all of 2013, 2014 and 2015 combined for no insurance violations.”

Other benefits of the ALPR technology include:

  • The camera system resulted in 1,016 motor vehicle stops, leading to 1,697 citations and 218 vehicles impounded
  • The system helped officers stop and cite 729 vehicles that didn’t have a valid/current registration (up more than 100% since 2015)
  • Six drug busts were made, four stolen vehicles were located and 22 people with active warrants or fugitives were apprehended

The Salisbury Township Police Department purchased the mobile license plate reading system using government funds awarded from the Lehigh County Gaming Grant. The grant awarded the department $20,000 to purchase the ALPR system and also paid for a new SUV patrol unit.

While the Salisbury Township Police Department was the first agency in the Lehigh Valley to implement an ALPR system, in the past few months several others have added the technology. “In time I think you’ll see every department using this technology,” Losagio said.

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