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[Quick Video] LPR Software & Hardware Solutions

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Is your law enforcement agency looking for new and innovative ways to reduce crime and solve cases? Good news: You have a vast ecosystem of Leonardo plate reader software and hardware to explore.

Our ELSAG license plate reader cameras are customizable, affordable, and scalable, and include mobile, fixed, IP, radar trailer, solar-powered, and covert options. Watch this.


We make it easy to start a new LPR program—and even easier to expand your existing program into a city-wide safety network.

All LPR data streams are managed from one centralized platform: the ELSAG Enterprise Operations Center, the most advanced LPR data management software in the industry.

Using the power of the EOC, our systems do more than just capture plates. By querying the LPR data, vehicle trends and patterns are identified, providing a critical tool for investigations and crime prevention.

Choose an LPR partner who not only will find the best fit solution for your agency today, but offers a wealth of technology and expertise to meet your future needs.

Ready to explore your options? Talk with a Leonardo LPR expert today