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[Quick Video] How to Simplify Parking Management

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Managing a multitude of parking enforcement applications? We know that can get complicated. Simplify parking enforcement with Leonardo's cost-effective license plate readers.

Our data management software, the ELSAG Enterprise Operations Center, or EOC, unifies all your data streams from mobile apps, kiosks, permit systems, and more into one platform—making it easier than ever to manage and enforce parking. Watch this.


No need to switch or ditch providers.

Our LPR systems instantly compare plate read data to vehicle whitelists or hotlists to validate permits and identify illegally parked cars and scofflaw vehicles quickly.

The speed and efficiency of our LPR system results in increased revenue, improved compliance, and parking space turnover. Automate and simplify your operations with ELSAG LPR for easier than ever parking management and enforcement.


  • Streamline parking management
  • Increase parking revenue and turnover
  • Improve public safety
  • Made in the USA

    Want to learn more? Reach out to our Field Operations Manager for Parking for a quick consult call.