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Why License Plate Reader Systems Should Do More Than Collect Plate Reads

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Check out this article we partnered with Just Auto on: Why license plate reader (LPR) systems can, and should, do more for your agency than just collect plate reads.

In it, Leonardo's SVP of Professional Services Todd Child tells writer Fi Forrest:

“The value of the system is not so much in reading the license plate but the ability to apply that to data in real time. Then, you can really start to draw patterns out.

If alarms are occurring more in one part of the city, a more advanced LPR system will allow an investigator or operational unit within a law enforcement agency to view that activity against a map and say: you know, I’m seeing a lot more stolen vehicle recoveries in this area. So those are being stolen in this geography and they’re being recovered in this geography. If we concentrate our forces in between the two, we are likely to find something interesting."

On alarms and alerts, he adds:

"[Amber Alerts] are the ones we’re proudest of. When a child is saved from kidnapping—and we’ve had cases where children have been released from trunks of cars within hours or minutes of an alert being put on that vehicle—those are the ones that get us up in the morning to go back to work.” 

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