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Heads Up: Watch For These Red Flags When Choosing Your LPR Provider

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Leonardo has been providing license plate recognition technology to law enforcement for decades. Over the years, we've seen many competitors come and go—so we get it, we're not the only option. We know you may be tempted to go with someone new to the market, or unable to resist a seemingly unbeatable deal.

Of course, we always hope you'll choose Leonardo. But at the end of the day, what we want most is for you to achieve a significant return on your investment and for your community to be exponentially safer. 

With that, here are some warning signs to watch for as you research LPR providers:

1. Serious complaints. Finding third-party reviews for hotels, vacuum cleaners, alarm systems, everyday products—incredibly easy. But license plate recognition technology? A bit tougher. And that's a problem; we've seen our competitors get slammed for everything from fabricating success statistics to completing illegal installations. But unless you're reading the right sources, you may never even hear about it.

Our advice to you: Run a Google search. Pair up the company's name with terms like "controversy," and see what comes up. You could also directly contact other law enforcement agencies who have made public statements about their LPR provider—both good and bad—and get it straight from the source. Either way, do your homework to avoid being swayed by flashy marketing over substance.

2. Startups. We're all for innovation and fresh perspectives here at Leonardo. And in many other industries, partnering with a startup can have fantastic benefits. But when it comes to life-or-death technology that law enforcement agencies need to be able to rely on, the stakes are higher.

By working with a provider like Leonardo, with decades of proven expertise, you get access to unrivaled technology, the industry's most experienced engineers, and customer service that truly understands your needs.

3. Lack of customization. No two law enforcement agencies—or communities—are perfectly alike. A one-size-fits-all approach in this industry simply doesn't cut it. Unlike Leonardo, which promises bespoke solutions to fit the unique needs of each agency, many of our competitors lack the flexibility or technical expertise to provide such customized solutions.

That means you could be left with a product that is incompatible with your existing system or inadequate for your future needs. Before making a decision, ensure that the provider can offer comprehensive options—and is always looking ahead at future possible integrations.

Other red flags? Yes, there are more. Contact us for more advice on how to choose a provider that best fits your needs.