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From College Campuses to Casinos and Beyond: How LPR Can Increase Security

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When you hear the words “license plate recognition” (LPR), chances are you immediately think of police officers catching stolen vehicles along a crowded highway, right?

What you may not realize is that, if you're in charge of security measures wherever you work, LPR technology (Leonardo's ELSAG technology in particular) may be hugely beneficial for you too.

With hardware options that include fixed plate readers, mobile plate readers, plus software solutions that work with select IP cameras, our license plate recognition options can really work anywhere that requires heightened security.

For example...

College Campuses

At a time when more than 90 percent of Generation Z is reportedly stressed out—with fears over mass shootings largely to blame—now more than ever we need our school and college campuses as secure as possible. Consider adding LPR technology at the entrances and exits of your campus and using white and hot lists to address any concerns about suspicious vehicles.

Casinos and Hotels

To protect your guests and the valuable assets that most hotels and casinos comprise, use LPR technology to alert your team to any vehicles that aren’t welcome on your property. Also, get real-time alerts from a white list when a VIP has entered the premises. Good news for properties that already have existing cameras: Leonardo’s ELSAG Video Plate Hunter 900 software integrates with standard IP security cameras to create surveillance and security solutions.


Securing international and regional borders requires sophisticated technology that can endure extreme weather conditions, act fast, and still ensure that travel and commerce aren’t delayed. By setting up fixed LPR cameras around your airport, you’ll be able to effectively identify threats, capture terrorist suspects, prevent illegal contraband from entering your airport, and keep your property safe from human trafficking—no matter the conditions outside.

Military Bases

In 2019, four shooting incidents occurred on military bases in the U.S.—which is four too many. Assuming you already have video surveillance protecting your military base, consider integrating your current cameras with Leonardo’s ELSAG Video Plate Hunter 900 software to secure your area. In addition to being able to track known suspects’ vehicles, you’ll be able to more efficiently monitor entrances and parking lot traffic. Leonardo solutions are currently used in perimeter security across all four branches of military in the United States.

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