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Why Officer Feedback Should Guide ALPR System Features

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ALPR technology is one of the most important tools in an officer’s tool belt. That’s why it’s critical to work with an ALPR system provider that refines product features based on officer feedback.

When looking to purchase an ALPR system, choose a provider that regularly meets with a customer focus group. This type of peer-level feedback allows the manufacturer to understand how the system is being used and what key features should be included in future iterations of the system.

How User Feedback Results In Positive Change

  • Undercover ALPR Data Capturing
    User feedback is especially useful with covert ALPR systems. Customers often see specific needs in terms of custom solutions for concealed cameras out in the field. This type of input can lead to product modifications that make the system more efficient and effective at identifying violators.
  • Dashboard Management and Data Analysis
    Feedback on an ALPR dashboard helps to create greater proficiency for the administrative arm of the system. Query analytics for ALPR technology evolve, with improved ways to process variables of date, time and location. From a management perspective, user feedback helps to inform how the data is monitored and interpreted.
  • Customer Service and Support
    Factors beyond tech developments also impact the customer experience with an ALPR system For example, upgrades are inevitable. However, are you expected to pay an additional cost every time an upgrade happens? If the cost of upgrades is included in the provider’s warranty program, you know the developers of the ALPR system were listening closely to feedback.

It’s important to partner with an ALPR system provider that acts as an extension of your law enforcement agency. When your provider is listening to and implementing user feedback, you gain peace of mind that the technology is addressing all of your agency’s needs.

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