Photos From The IACP Conference 2019

The Leonardo team had a fantastic time at this year's IACP Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago.

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Your IACP Conference Must-Do list

On October 26, 2019, police chiefs from around the world will gather for the 126th IACP Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago. If you're one of the attendees, this list is for you. 

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Watch How Duck, NC Uses FirstNet With Their LPR Info

FirstNet recently tweeted out this video below. Recognize the LPR technology? It's Leonardo's ELSAG Fixed Plate Hunter. Check it out.

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ALPR Success story: Shoutout To Greenwich, CT Police

Thanks to help from license plate recognition technology and a smart, fast-acting police team in Greenwich, CT, a Shelton man who's been called the 'Jaws of Life' burglar and the 'ATM bandit' in headlines has been charged with quite the list of felonies.

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Just For Fun: When ALPRS Go Above & Beyond

Spotted on Twitter! On Tuesday, June 18, two suspects crashed a stolen vehicle near a CVS store in Washington, D.C. and fled the scene. The irony? Our fixed ALPR camera system stopped them in their tracks. Literally. Turns out Leonardo's equipment not only identifies stolen cars, it stops them. We're currently quoting a replacement!

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A Roundup of Praise for License Plate Readers

While our ELSAG team could go on and on about the efficacy and benefits of LPRs, it's important for you to hear it from others too. Not only can third-party testimonials from across the U.S.—whether they're from our clients or not—give you relatable insights, they can make your conversations with others (the powers that be, perhaps) more credible and convincing. 

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ALPR Success Story: Shoutout to NY State Troopers and Cleveland Police

We often talk about how license plate readers can significantly benefit your local community and surrounding towns. It's important to note, though, that these devices can also play a major role in locating out-of-state criminals and rescuing children that don't even live in your jurisdiction. Take this news story, for example, about a Cleveland kidnapper caught in New York.

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3 Myths About License Plate Readers That Your Community Should Know The Truth About

Most law and parking enforcement agencies understand the many benefits that come from having an ALPR system in their jurisdictions—but oftentimes, community members may be skeptical. In an age where automation exists everywhere and "Big Brother is watching you" literally appears in online dictionaries, it's understandable that people would have concerns about such sophisticated technology. But the truth is: they don't need worry. 

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What Actually Happens During My First ALPR Consultation Call?

You may have noticed that across our website, we offer an open invitation to schedule a 30-minute consultation phone call with a Leonardo ELSAG specialist to talk about your interest in ALPR technology. If you haven't yet done so, read on for a glimpse into what actually happens during these conversations.

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ALPR Success Story: Shoutout to the Horseheads Police Department

Horseheads_NYPSometimes, you're in the right place at the right time with your ALPR system—like this one officer in Horseheads, NY, who was tipped off during a routine sweep. The incident lead to not just one, but two arrests. 

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